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Credible and reliable background information is the basis of an authentic and trustworthy outward communication, setting the path for effective campaigning.

Our expertise extends from investigative field research to research reports with academic standard. Often, it is the combination of our wider range of skills that achieve the desired outcomes.

Thoughtfully planned research strategies and their implementation as well as professional documentation are essential elements of our investigations.

Micro beads in Germany's inland waterways

Studies and Reports

Illegal logging of pristine forests in Romania

Field Investigation

Chain of Custody of processed fruit products

Studies and Reports

Multi-resistant bacteria in intensive animal farming

Field Investigation

Freshwater use by the coal energy sector

Strategic consulting and coordination

Working conditions at day-care centers

Studies and Reports


A campaign needs a solid strategy and well planned actions to convincingly communicate its demands and achieve the campaign goals

With our independent perspective we give creative impulses and support a campaign from the beginning in setting achievable and effective goals. We help design suitable campaign elements and assure an effective planning and implementation process for events realizing your campaign strategy.

We offer support for various aspects of campaign development and planning - these are described further in our project selection.

Mapping in the Amazon

Tools and Logistics

'Energy package' delivered to the German Chancellery

Action Design and Coordination

Radio station during the Gezi Park protests

Tools and Logistics

Protection of the Arctic against Oil Drilling

Action Design and Coordination

Workshops in strategic campaign development

Consulting and workshops


We work for organisations and initiatives that are active in the areas of human rights, environmental protection and animal rights.

Our collective has gathered experience in various aspects of international campaign work for over 15 years. We aim to integrate our support into projects and campaigns on a practical and preferably long term level. The understanding we have of our work is one of partnership rather than one of a service provider.

In our work as a collective we focus on supporting projects and people whose aims and visions we can identify with. Internally our approach is to work with a maximum of self-determination and a minimum of hierarchies.

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